Why Get a Tattoo?

December 10, 2012

Tattoos were once seen as taboo but today they are something special that many people consider being art. You might wonder if getting a tattoo is a good idea, but there are many reasons why tattoos have significant meaning to them. Consider the following reasons as to why getting a tattoo can be a wonderful expression of art.

ª      Your body can be a canvas: Tattoos allow your body to be used as a canvas for creation. Anything you can think of can be made into a tattoo.

ª      Custom creation: You can work with an artist or design it yourself, but no matter what you can customize your tattoo just for you.

ª      Just for you: A tattoo can be just for you if you want it to be. You can hide a tattoo on your back if you don’t want people to see it or put it on your arms, wrists or chest if you’re hoping to show it off. No matter what, it is personalized just for you.

ª      In Memory: Tattoos are a good way to remember someone who has passed away. Whether it’s their name or a symbol that reminds you of them, you can always have them with you.

ª      Brings people together: Mother-daughter, father-son and spouse tattoos can make you feel closer to the ones you love. With matching tattoos you can always have the person with you even if they aren’t right beside you.

ª      Art: Tattoos are art. They are an art form that becomes a part of your body and can stay with you forever.

ª      Easy to get done: Tattoos don’t hurt as much as some people claim they do. Depending on the placement of the tattoo and the size, holding back from getting one just because of the pain is nonsense! They are fairly easy to get done and the pain is not a major factor.

You can get a beautiful tattoo in just a few hours. It is something that can last a lifetime and always remind you of the person you got it for or the art you really enjoy. Whether it is a memory from your childhood or the name of a lost friend, tattoos are special and are made just for you.