What You Won’t Learn at Other NH Tattoo Parlors: 10 Tattoo Designs and the Meanings Behind Them

June 30, 2015

NH tattoo parlorsTattoo America is unlike any NH tattoo parlors for a variety of reasons. First of all, we’ve been around the longest – tattooing long before it became mainstream and building a solid reputation by employing only the most talented, creative and experienced artists around. While the majority of NH tattoo parlors have sprouted up in the last decade or so, blinded by the dollar signs they see hovering around the growing popularity of tattooing, we’ve created and maintained real relationships with our clientele. We look at every customer as a student of the art of tattooing – eagerly wanting to know more and more about the creative process.

And, to further this practice, we’d like to share a few bits of information regarding the meanings behind some of the most popular tattoos out there.

  1. The butterfly – Butterflies symbolize change, metamorphosis, beauty and rebirth. The Japanese see the butterfly as an embodiment of the soul while the Chinese believe that two butterflies flying in unison to be a symbol of love.
  2. The eagle – Found all over the world and used as national symbols for many countries, the eagle is often viewed as a source of both pride and power.
  3. The dragon – Throughout European history, the dragon was deemed a powerful beast with mystical powers that was to be feared and conquered. Asian emperors used the dragon to symbolize longevity and wisdom.
  4. The whale – As one of the largest animals on the planet, the whale’s sheer size and resiliency has made it a symbol used to celebrate one’s ancestors and it’s incredible, yet elegant power has seen it used to symbolize humility.
  5. Ganesh – This Hindu deity with the head of an elephant is commonly associated with removing obstacles from people’s lives and being a source for new beginnings.
  6. The spider web – Because spiders make webs to trap and then imprison their prey, spider webs are now generally associated with time spent in jail or time in general.
  7. The anchor – Generally used by those in the Navy or Marines to symbolize time spent overseas.
  8. The ship – Popular among members of the Navy and other seafaring voyagers, ships are used to mark particular routes a sailor has taken or to wish them safe passage.
  9. The pin-up girl – Symbolizes attraction and beauty. In more recent years, it’s become a symbol of female empowerment.
  10. The cherry blossom – Because cherry blossoms gracefully fall to their death after a considerably short life span, they’ve come to represent the transience and importance of all life and existence.

We hope this has provided you with some inspiration for your next great tattoo and look forward to seeing you soon!

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