Thinking of Getting a Tattoo in NH? Four of the Most Popular Styles to Choose From (Part 1)

January 27, 2014

At Tattoo America, we set ourselves apart from other NH tattoo parlors through exceptional customer service and a strong, professional work ethic that goes above and beyond the expectations set by our competitors. We know that there are a lot of tattoo parlors in NH for customers to choose from so strive to provide anyone looking for ink with all the  most up to date and relevant information in the tattoo industry. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to go through four of the most popular tattoo styles out there and to remind you that we specialize in all of them.

1)      Fine-Line Black and Gray-Just as the name suggests, this style of tattooing is one which emphasizes the contrast between black, white, and gray ink; generally avoiding highly colored ink. Instead, much like a black and white photograph, black and gray tattoos work within the gray scale, using opposing elements of shadow and light to achieve a very detailed piece. The artist uses various needle sizes to produce a very bold piece of black and gray artwork.

2)      Ancient/Tribal-This is one of the most common designs within the tattoo industry and is called, “tribal,” because the artwork stems back to pre-colonial times. Usually done with primarily dark ink, a tribal tattoo is defined by very particular and intricate line work with a strong emphasis on connected patterns. The finished product usually looks like something an actual, pre-colonial tribe would use to identify themselves within the tribe.

3)      Biomechanical-A fairly new and very unique style of tattooing, this type of artwork blends elements of both human biology and actual mechanical machinery. It is generally composed of robotic machinery, seemingly moving mechanical gears, and 3D skin illusions to create a highly imaginative and interesting tattoo.

4)      Japanese/Asian-This style of tattooing envelopes all of the rich history of traditional Japanese artwork. Some of its key elements are dragons, koi fish, cherry blossoms, and samurai. A highly colorful style of tattooing, it is becoming more popular than ever and, chances are, you’ve seen a great deal of it.

Keep in mind that these are but a few of the many popular styles of tattoos that you’ll come across. Also, when looking to get a tattoo in NH, remember that the artists at Tattoo America have the knowledge and experience to thrive in the all of the above mentioned tattoo styles. Feel free to peruse our website to see examples of these styles and to get a better idea of what you’d like to get the next time you decide to go under the needle!

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