The Best Tattoos

January 1, 2013

Tattoos have become very popular over the years and while many people get special tattoos to remember people by or to remind them of something special in their lives, if you’re trying to decide what you want for your first tattoo, there are some usual tattoos you can get to see if you really like them.

v  Names: Names are common. Either of a spouse, parent, grandparent, friend or pet, names can remind you of the person you want to remember. They can be small tattoos in hidden places so only you know about them or you can expand it to take over more space and remind you of the person in your life even more.

v  Flowers: Flowers can be beautiful and customized to what you want by your tattoo artist. Your placement of them is all up to you and the design you want can be changed for placement. While many artists have designs that they do easily, you can work with them to find what you want.

v  Quotes: Many people get quotes as tattoos. Quotes from your favorite book or movie or even poetry or the bible can be found on different places on the body. Some put them along the back of their neck or wrists so they can be seen when the wearer wants them to. Quotes can be special tattoos that are just for you because of their meaning to you.

v  Your Own Picture: While there are the normal almost set tattoos that your artist in NH can do, you can get your own special tattoos. Whether it’s a movie that changed your life, a beautiful scene you’ve created or something you want to work on to make a dream a reality. Your own designs can make your tattoo special for you.