Television’s Impact on Tattooing Today

August 20, 2013

Tattoo America in Nashua, NH has reached a wider audience with commercials running during the new episodes of tattoo related programming. We ran a commercial during a show called, “Ink Masters,” through Comcast during it’s second season. Its popularity has skyrocketed to new heights and led to other shows now airing on National TV.

Spike Network

SPIKE Network Tattoo in NHNetwork television shows like, “Ink Masters,” “Tattoo Nightmares,” and,” Tattoo Rescue,” have thrust the art of tattooing into the mainstream spotlight. The idea of tattoos as, “taboo,” is becoming extinct.

“Ink Masters,” introduced the American public to tattooing as a true art form. Through the show, the average person can distinguish the minute details of what makes a tattoo good or bad. It’s also allowed the audience to vote for their favorite artist, or “contestant,” on the show, further cementing tattooing into the U.S. mainstream. Then there are shows like, “Tattoo Nightmares,” and, “Tattoo Rescue.” Both highlight what mistakes can be made by non-liscensed tattooers (“Scratchers”), Customers & Tattoo shop owners as well as their customers.

Keeping it Clean

For shop owners, these shows stress the importance of working in a clean, comfortable, and sanitary environment; all practices Tattoo America has followed for over twenty years.

And for the customer, these shows remind them that a tattoo is permanent and has the potential to become a permanent mistake.  Yes, a tattoo can be painfully removed, but you won’t have to experience any of that if you choose to get your work done at Tattoo America.

What We have Always Done Right at Tattoo America

Tattoos in New HampshireBefore the reality shows, before the numerous tattoo conventions dotted across the U.S., and long before the stories of regrettable or faded tattoos, Tattoo America has consistently maintained a reputation as one of the mostly highly sought after places to get your ink. Since 1977, owners Scott and Steve Jones have done their fair share of Tasmanian devil tattoos, and now specialize in true collaborative efforts with clients who can leave the shop confident with the knowledge that they’ve received professional service as well as a lasting piece of stellar quality art. Scott hasn’t tattooed the most people in New England for nothing.

With locations in Nashua and Seabrook, NH, the artists at Tattoo America take pride in their ability to; work with walk-in clients, creating cover ups and touch-ups for gnarly, beat down tattoos, as well as refining their artistry to encompass all the varying styles of new and old tattoos. It is these types of things that sets Tattoo America apart from other tattoo parlors. Whether you’re looking for Asian, Traditional, Tribal, Black and Grey work, Pin-up, Portrait, or Celtic artwork, Tattoo America has you “covered.”