Tattoos in NH: The 5th Annual Merrimack Harley Davidson Tattoo Expo on Nov. 16th!

November 13, 2013

As one of the premier tattoo parlors in NH, we at Tattoo America are proud to announce our participation in this weekend’s 5th Annual Tattoo Expo at the Merrimack Harley Davidson dealership located at 717 New Hampshire Rd/101A. Scott Jones will be there in full regalia; armed to the teeth with all the tools necessary to craft his experienced and laser precised style of tattooing. Scott will be among his peers from various tattoo parlors in NH; who all come to put on display their own unique brands of tattooing.

An image showing a Harley Davidson dealership

“It’s a great way to establish the feeling of community we share as tattoo artists and Harley riders,” says Scott, “It’s an event where people can come without any preconceived ideas of what getting tattooed is like.”

A Community of Art and Metal

Sitting in his Nashua tattoo shop, working on Robin Dixon, one of the managers at the Harley Davidson dealership and organizer of this weekend’s Tattoo Expo, Scott elaborates on the importance of tattoo expos and how this one, in particular, is one of his favorite to attend.

“It’s gonna be a good time,” says Scott.

With the whir of Scott’s tattoo gun humming behind her, Robin Dixon says, “We don’t charge the artists for a booth or the public to attend. It’s more of a way to reinforce our support of the local community; businesses, artists, and bikers,” Robin goes on to say, “We’re not actually corporately owned, so have the freedom to provide a different platform for people to get tattoos in New Hampshire.”

An image showing a group of harley davidson riders.

“A lot of people are intimidated when walking into tattoo parlors in NH,” Robin says, “This way, at an Expo like ours, people can come and casually check out various tattoo artists, and tattoos in NH, without feeling the pressure of having a full tattoo idea prepared.”

So join Scott, Robin, and plenty of others this weekend at the 5th annual Merrimack Harley Davidson Tattoo Expo.

Saturday, Nov. 16th FREE admission, hotdogs, hamburgers, and refreshments. Contact the Harley dealership for more info at: (603)-578-9400 or visit