Tattoos and Their Placement

November 1, 2012

Many people today have tattoos and they are all over their bodies. You are trying to decide where you want your new tattoo to be and it seems to be a tough decision. Your whole body can be a canvas and finding that perfect spot can make your tattoo be even more special. Tattoos in MA and NH can be done in many parlors, but it’s your choice on where you put it.

Work and Life         

Your first thoughts might be about your job and your life. If you work someplace where tattoos are frowned upon, chest pieces, sleeves, wrists and sometimes legs depending on clothing can be places you don’t want to put a tattoo. Jobs are important and deciding if your tattoo is right for your place of work can help to move along the decision.

If your job doesn’t care about tattoos and body piercings, anywhere is game and that gives you a whole body to work with. This is where the decision gets hard. Lately, people have been finding new places for tattoos and the normal places such as shoulder, back and legs seem to be the less creative places.


Fingers, hands, wrists, necks, ears, tongues and lips have become newer places to put tattoos. Tattoos behind the ear can hide small pieces that mean a lot while the back of the neck can either be a statement or a secret. Down your spine will hurt, but it will also be a stunning piece and across your chest can be a special surprise when you go swimming with your friends. Each spot for a tattoo can have meaning for the person who has it and it is up to you to decide.


There are many choices for tattoos and where you can put them. It is always your decision and your creativity that helps to make your body a canvas. Finding the place that will make your tattoo pop even more is up to you. An artist can help you design it and even give you hints, but it is all your choice and your art that will help to give you your dream.