Tattoo Placement and Pain

December 17, 2012

If you’re searching on Google for “tattoo pain” you’ll find many different links leading to questions from people asking the very same thing. Here is a list of spots that are common for tattoos to be placed and how painful it is to get them done.

v  Shoulder blade: The shoulder blade or the back of the shoulder is a very popular spot to get a tattoo. It is easy to conceal if needed and it is one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo placed. The only spot that can hurt is the bone of the shoulder blade, but it can be quick and easy to get a tattoo placed here. The shoulder blade is a good spot for your first tattoo so you can test your pain tolerance.

v  Back of the neck: This spot might seem unusual but is actually very popular for tattoos. While it is not the most painful place it can cause some discomfort because it is usually not worn skin. If the tattoo rests right against the bones in the neck it will also be more painful to get done.

v  Ribs: Rib tattoos can be stunning but you have to be willing for it to hurt. The ribs are a very painful place to get a tattoo done. Many tattoos in this spot are beautifully done and seem worth the pain, but knowing what you’re getting into is good.

v  Inner Lip: This is a very painful spot that has become popular over time. The skin inside the lip is very sensitive and tattoo there can be quick but also quite painful.

v  Ankles: Ankles are another painful spot to get a tattoo done in. They can look delicate and beautiful but hurt because of the thinness of the skin and the bone right below it.

v  Shoulder: The shoulder is another good first tattoo spot since it isn’t all that sensitive and tattoos can be done smoothly. When you’re looking for a good spot to start out getting a tattoo, the shoulder is a good place to start.