Tattoo America: The Best Cover Up Tattoos in NH!

January 29, 2015

Tattoos in NHOne of the most fulfilling services we provide at Tattoo America has got to be the “cover-up” tattoos that we do. We’ve seen a lot of bad tattoos in NH over the last few decades and are always enthralled to be granted the chance to turn a poor tattoo into a great one!

Sometimes, people get tattoos in NH on a whim or without putting much thought into the piece. Then, they eventually realize (often during a severe hangover) that they’ve put something on their body that cannot be easily removed. The regrettable Chinese letter, the bland lower back tattoo, the ex’s name, the old fraternity logo – whatever the case is, people can end up with tattoos that they want covered up and we’re here to do it right!

It’s because cover up tattoos in NH are becoming so prevalent that we’d like to share five things you should know about them before getting your little mistake fixed.

  1. What a “cover up” is – A cover up isn’t really a cover up. It’s a blending of two tattoos that have to combine to form something new and more visually appealing. If not done professionally, a cover up tattoo can soon fade and reveal the unwanted art underneath it.
  2. Black can’t be easily covered – When you’re looking to cover up a tattoo with a great deal of black ink in it, you’ll have to get black ink tattooed on top of the old piece. Colors simply won’t cover black well enough.
  3. Check out real cover ups –Be sure to check out a tattoo shop’s portfolio of cover ups before getting your own done. By checking out our cover ups here, you can see that we’ve mastered it.
  4. White doesn’t work – White ink simply won’t work when trying to cover up an old tattoo so factor that into your decision-making process.
  5. Tribal tattoos aren’t good cover ups – Before you go rushing out the door with the idea that you’re going to cover up an unwanted tattoo with a tribal tattoo, think again. Tribal tattoos have too much of a contrast between dark ink and negative space that they tend not to cover well. Think of something more dynamic for your cover up.

Basically, the best tattoo cover ups happen when someone is willing to work with a professional artist to come up with a grandiose, spectacular tattoo that completely dwarfs and vanquishes the old tattoo. You messed up once, now do it right with Tattoo America!

If you’re interested in cover up tattoos in NH, contact us at:
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