Some Slang You’re Likely to Come Across While Looking for Tattoos in NH

February 27, 2015

Tattoos in NHTattoos were once thought of as the hallmarks of a strong subculture in America but, as tattooing becomes less taboo and more widely accepted among mainstream Americans, it has blossomed into a rich culture that encompasses all the best qualities of art, self-expression and beauty. People with tattoos in NH become part of this growing culture and, like all cultures, it’s developed its own language. If you haven’t yet gotten tattooed and are currently looking for tattoos in NH, chances are that you’ve come across some slang that you may not be all that familiar with.

Terms like “autoclave,” “body suit,” and “carving,” just to name a few, are some of the lingo frequently used in the tattoo community and are regularly thrown around tattoo parlors all across the country. And, at Tattoo America, we believe that informed customers are happy customers, so we’d like to go over a few words and phrases that you might come across when looking for your next tattoo.

  • Aftercare – These are the instructions a responsible tattoo artist will give you when you leave the shop that detail how to properly care for your healing tattoo.
  • Autoclave – This is a machine that every tattoo shop must have. It’s used to sterilize tattoo equipment with hot water and high pressure between sessions.
  • Carving – Simply another term for tattooing.
  • Custom – A piece that has been designed specifically for you or re-imagined by the tattoo artist you’re working with.
  • Cover up – Using new tattoos in NH to cover up old tattoos.
  • Flash – This is the name given to the legal reproduction of artwork that you generally see hanging in tattoo shops.
  • Sleeve – A tattoo that completely covers a customer’s entire arm.
  • Old English – The most popular font for letters in tattoos.
  • The look – This refers to that look of satisfaction and excitement a customer gets when they first see their tattoo come to life.
  • Stencils – A basic outline of a tattoo that is placed on the customer’s body to give the artist an idea of how the finished product will look.
  • Tight – This term is used to describe a great tattoo like the ones you’d get here at Tattoo America!

These are but a few of the many terms used in the tattoo culture that you’re going to come across when looking for your next “tight” tattoo!

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