Tattoo America boasts one of the largest libraries of dermagraphic designs in the area. Stop in and check out thousands of possibilities–from simple spot graphics, to elaborate, full-coverage works. Versatility is key in this industry, and at Tattoo America, we understand that!

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Reproduction Tattoos
If you have a design or piece of artwork that you like, just bring it in. We’ll reproduce your art as a beautiful color dermagraphic. Even a photograph can be transformed into beautiful body art!

Custom Tattoos
Tattoo America is also home to the most creative tattoo artists around. We can create custom artwork designed just for you, all we need is your idea. Whether you have original artwork you designed, or need help with ‘putting it to paper’, we can set you in the right direction. Creativity is essential for our artists, and they can help you realize your ideas.

Tattoo Advice
If you need a little advice, you can rely on the experts at Tattoo America to guide you in making the choices that are right for you. NEVER will you be forced to accept a design you are not 100% comfortable with. We understand the commitment you are making, and make it right along with you!

Tattoo Repairs & Cover Up’s

Tattoo America specializes in helping repair or cover up your old or unwanted tattoos. Our professional artists are skilled at turning mistakes into masterpieces! So stop hiding that ink and get over to Tattoo America to discuss how we can help you. You’ll be surprised at how we can make the ‘bad memories’ go away, but altering a current unwanted design.

Body Piercings

We also specialize in clean and professional body piercing services. Contact us to talk about your unique idea.