More Than a NH Tattoo Parlor: Body Piercing is Back at Tattoo America!

September 26, 2013

While looking for the right person to do body piercing at their NH tattoo parlor, Scott Jones, owner and founder of Tattoo America, put their body piercing services on a brief hiatus. After all, being in the body modification business since 1977, Scott has the experience and know-how to wait for the right person to do the right job. So it has been with patience and a strong willingness to learn that Scott has introduced his new body piercing apprentice, Jack Stapledon.

Jack has been helping around the shop for months now; learning the business end of things and honing his skills as a body piercer. And recently, he’s been taking on clients and getting the required experience under his young belt.

Jack’s work

“I’ve pierced just about everything so far,” Jack says, “I’m still learning but definitely getting better.”

With growing confidence and professionalism, Jack was kind enough to share some of his work with me.

An image showing Jack Stapledon's piercing work at Tattoo AmericaAn image showing Jack Stapledon's piercing work at Tattoo America










As shown above, Jack’s work speaks for itself. He brings customers in, easily, professionally, and sanitarily pierces them, and they leave happy with the work they’ve gotten done. Tattoos and body piercing are becoming more and more common, so it’s fitting that Tattoo America is once again incorporating piercing with the aid of a bright, professional young apprentice.

“He’s been doing really well bringing in customers through various social networks,” said Scott Jones, “We’re all excited to see how far Jack goes with us.”

So when you’re thinking of tattoos in NH or MA, keep in mind that Tattoo America now offers body piercing with the same degree of professionalism they have maintained for over thirty years.

If you’re interested in body piercing or tattoos in NH, call us in Nashua at: (603)-594-3007