Memory Tattoos

November 7, 2012

Tattoos are an art form and one that is permanent. When you head into a tattoo parlor, you generally know what you want to get as a tattoo. Tattoos in memory of childhood, dreams or people can be the best tattoos you get because of the strength behind them. Tattoos in memory of something can last a lifetime and always remind you of what you wish to remember.


Childhood memories matter because they are what taught us how to grow up. A small dragon to show you always wanted to be a hero or a fairy to show that you can be anything you want, even if it doesn’t exist can help to remind you of how you grew up with the best memories you had. Childhood helps us to reach adulthood and remembering who we are and where we came from can help us to continue on. With a tattoo, it is always with you as a memory and a reminder.

For someone

For those of us who have lost someone close to us a tattoo can be in memory of them. A best friend, family member or even someone famous who meant a lot to us, tattoos can help to remind us of them every day. Memories that are linked with them can help to keep their memory alive for us. With a beautiful tattoo for them they will always be in our heart and tattooed on our skin.


Our dreams for the future matter. Tattoos that prove that dream to us can help us to strive for the future. Whether you want to write a book or work in another country, a tattoo that shows that can help you to remember what you want and why. A reminder that will be there for you every day, these tattoos can give you more to dream about and help to strengthen what you already want.