Holiday Tattoos

December 1, 2012

With tattoos becoming popular across the country, many tattoo parlors now have seasonal tattoos that can add to your collection. Little bats, elves and turkeys can be created to commemorate a special holiday that you love. Holiday tattoos might seem frivolous, but they can be just as special as any other tattoo you’d have chosen.


Holidays are special times for families and sometimes you just want to remember a memory. Heading into your Nashua tattoo parlor can give you some ideas on holiday tattoos, even if you end up making your own. Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving and Christmas or even Halloween? Each holiday means something to someone and can be a great memory to have as a tattoo. A Christmas tree with special meaning or a buck toothed bat can help the memory thrive while being a cute addition to your tattoos.

Special Pieces

Tattoos are special. Each one means something to you and having them on your body can help you to keep your memories close. With special holidays, it is easy to have many ideas at your disposal to create new and special tattoos. These tattoos can mean more than any others because of their connection to family and time with those you love. Choosing to use a holiday tattoo can strengthen your memories and feelings for your family.

Your Artist

All you need to do is talk to your tattoo artist to see what they can do for you. Either you can choose from their own designs, or you can make your own. Making your own can make lasting impressions and choosing from the premade ones can give you a quirky new piece to add to your others. These pieces give character and remind you and those who see it of the holidays that everyone loves.