Get Your Custom Ink at Tattoo America in NH

October 25, 2013

The greatest tattoos are not chosen off of the wall. The best tattoos are manifested by tattoo artists collaborating with you; the customer.

“Eighty per cent of our work is custom,” says Abe, an artist at Tattoo America in Nashua, NH.

A great tattoo is also a great piece of unique art. It’s something that has to come to you. Sometimes in a dream, or sometimes a great tattoo comes from years of shape shifting in the customer’s mind. This is what motivates and excites the professional artists that are privileged enough to work for, or have apprenticed under, Scott Jones. Scott Jones owns Tattoo America and, most likely, if you’ve found a tattoo artist in NH or MA, they’ve either apprenticed under him, worked for him, or most definitely know of him.

An image containing a tattoo from tattoo america. An image containing a custom tattoo in NH.

Custom Tattoos: A Collaborative Effort

To the right are two recent pieces done at Tattoo America’s Nashua, NH location on Main St. Both are custom tattoos and are the results of an effective collaboration between customer and artist. Both patrons left knowing that they’ve got a lifelong piece of specialized artwork that no one else will be able to truly recreate. It’s in this fine line between customer and artist where the best tattoos come from. It’s a place that’s hard to define. The spark and catalyst of all things creative are hard to pin down in words. Getting a custom tattoo at Tattoo America is more of a mental exercise than physical. One could say that the real catalyst behind any true piece of artwork will always remain undefined. Perhaps we don’t yet have the words to define the experience. Maybe, “a picture equals a thousand words,” is the closest we can get to artfully relaying the creative spark that looms above artists and hovers above tattoo customers.

An image containing a tattoo from tattoo from tattoo america An image showing a tattoo from tattoo america.

As you can see, the composition and color of the included pieces have a great deal to do with the knowledge of the tattoo artist, but the inspiration for each tattoo comes from the customer.

So, when looking for the right place for your custom tattoo in NH, call Tattoo America at:

Nashua, NH: (603) 594-3007
Seabrook, NH: (603) 474-9304