Custom Tattoos in NH from True Artists

July 2, 2015

Tattoos in NHAt Tattoo America, we call ourselves tattoo artists, because that’s precisely what we are – artists. All of the artists at Tattoo America have a deep appreciation for all kinds of visual art. We think in terms of composition, tattoo placement, exceptional line work and shading, as well as the true meaning behind tattoos in NH. Once reserved for sailors, bikers and the rebellious, tattoos have now entered the American mainstream lexicon with a fervor that causes less than reputable tattoo parlors to pop up everywhere you look. Some people only see the money that comes along with tattoos in NH and lose sight of the importance of providing customers with, not only a great tattoo, but a memorable experience as well.

We look at tattoos in NH from a primarily artistic point-of-view and have been doing so for significantly longer than any other New England tattoo artists. This is part of the reason why we specialize in doing custom tattoos. While we have a wide selection of flash pieces to choose from, what we really enjoy is working with a customer to see their unique vision become a reality. You have to be an artist to produce exceptional custom tattoos – you can’t be one of those tattoo artists who looks at the clock every five minutes and scoffs at the notion of coming up with a one-of-a-kind custom tattoo.

Custom Tattoos

Custom tattoos in NH have to come from a place that is significantly meaningful to customers. Honoring loved ones who’ve passed away, celebrating important moments in our lives or simply having a piece of art that means a great deal to a person make for great custom tattoos. Our artists have honed their skills and are proud to be able to take a customer’s tattoo ideas and turn them into a great piece of art. We work to make people’s visions a reality and to do so in the most comfortable way possible.

We always humbly invite New Englanders interested in getting a custom tattoo to visit our tattoo shops to see for themselves just how safe, sanitary and fun getting a tattoo can be. We encourage them to come to us armed with a plethora of ideas from which our artists can extract a viable blueprint of a unique tattoo. We’ll collaborate with you in ways that will put your mind at ease and amp you up for the stunning tattoo you’re about to receive. So bring your tattoo ideas to us and we’ll get working on your custom tattoo today!

If you’re interested in custom tattoos in NH, contact us at:
Seabrook – 603-474-9304
Nashua – 603-594-3007