9 Tips for Getting a Great Tattoo in NH

January 30, 2015

Tattoo in NHFor anyone looking for a great tattoo in NH, (yes, we’re talking to YOU!) you’ve come to the right place. If you’re reading these words then you’ve already begun the crucial, initial steps towards getting a tattoo that you’ll love forever. And yes…we mean forever! So it’s a good thing you’re doing your research now. A tattoo is a serious commitment in its own category. While friends, family, and spouses may come and go throughout the entirety of your life, your tattoo will always be there – for good or ill – even after the very end!

And, at Tattoo America, we feel that a satisfied customer starts out as an informed customer, so we’d like to offer nine guidelines to help you find a great tattoo in NH!

  1. Do your research – Simply by being here, you’re already headed in the right direction. When you’re looking for an amazing tattoo in NH, look into the artist you’re interested in. Get a good idea of their style before committing to a tattoo. Tattoos are only becoming more and more mainstream, causing tattoo shops to pop up everywhere you look. Be wary of new shop and artists. And, remember, Tattoo America has been in business since ’77 and you can easily peruse our stellar portfolio here.
  2. Don’t bargain hunt – Getting a tattoo isn’t like shopping for toilet paper. Spend more time thinking about what kind of tattoo you want and the artist you want to work with rather than how much the piece will be.
  3. Visit the shop – Our convenient NH locations in Seabrook and Nashua are impeccably clean and hygienic.
  4. Put thought into your tattoo – This should go without saying, but don’t rush your tattoo idea. Think about what the piece will mean to you and ask yourself if it’s something you’ll always be happy with.
  5. Have a full stomach – Tattooing can be long work, make sure to eat beforehand and/or have some snacks with you to munch on during the tattooing.
  6. Don’t bring a crew – When you go to get your tattoo, you don’t need multiple opinions from a plethora of friends.
  7. Make sure the tattoo is what you want – Our tattoo artist will place a rendering of the piece on your body before working. Make sure that the placement, size, and style are what you’re really looking for.
  8. Know that it hurts – After getting a tattoo, people are often asked, “Did it hurt?” Yes, it hurts!!! Accept it before going under the needle.

Follow up care – When you leave Tattoo America, you’ll have a specific set of instructions to follow to ensure that your tattoo heals correctly. Treat these guidelines like the Ten Commandments.

If you’re interested in getting a great tattoo in NH, contact us at:
Nashua – 603-594-3007
Seabrook – 603-474-9304