5 Stupid Myths About Getting Tattoos in NH

May 28, 2015

Tattoos in NHWe know that a lot of people out there are looking for high quality tattoos in NH. Unfortunately, we also know that there are a lot of myths about tattoos floating around that can be confusing and even intimidating. This is why we always maintain open lines of communication with our current and potential customers – to let them know that we keep our ear to the grindstone so they don’t have to. We always remain up to date with anything having to do with tattoos in NH because we feel obligated to keep our clientele well-informed.

So we’d like to take this time to go over some common tattoo myths we’ve comes across.

  1. Tattoos make you cool – Sorry to be the bearer of strange news, but a tattoo is a tattoo. It’s a real piece of art that should mean a great deal more to people than just fitting in. If you weren’t already some “bad ass, cool hipster” before a tattoo, things won’t change after getting one. However, working with our artists to design something truly unique and meaningful to you does have the potential to change you in some ways.
  2. Black and grey ink means you’ve been to jail – While this style of tattooing may have some significant origins in the penal system, it crossed over into mainstream culture long ago. Now you see NBA players, hip-hop artists and Wall Street execs rocking this style.
  3. Don’t pick your ink from flash on the wall – There’s no law against it! If you like something from the wall, go for it! Especially at Tattoo America, our flash collection is pretty damn good. And, if you see something you’re not into, maybe just checking out our flash collection will inspire some ideas of your own.
  4. You’ll regret your tattoo when you’re 80 years old – Listen, you’re going to regret a lot of things when you’re 80 years old. As to whether or not it is your tattoo, that’s up for debate. And, keep in mind the old adage, “Remember everything. Regret nothing!”
  5. You’ll get a disease – There hasn’t been one reported case of someone getting AIDS/HIV from tattooing in any developed country. And shops that adhere to strict sanitary guidelines, like Tattoo America, will certainly not endanger you in any way.

We hope we’ve eased any concerns you may have about getting tattoos in NH and that you’ll remember that we’ve been in the game longer than anyone around so trust us when we say that, to get it done right the first time, come to Tattoo America!

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