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MA Tattoo Parlors

- November 29, 2012
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You are a unique person and you’re looking for the right place to get your tattoo done. First you look for a clean and sterile tattoo parlor and then you decide which artist is best for you. In MA there are many different parlors and each has their good points and their bad points. Doing […]

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Tattoos in Boston

- November 19, 2012
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City living gives you a taste of how different people are. From the normal business people to the hipsters who inhabit the city, there is a sense of life in a city that you don’t get many other places. Boston is a busy city with lots of history and there are many tattoo parlors that […]

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Memory Tattoos

- November 7, 2012
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Tattoos are an art form and one that is permanent. When you head into a tattoo parlor, you generally know what you want to get as a tattoo. Tattoos in memory of childhood, dreams or people can be the best tattoos you get because of the strength behind them. Tattoos in memory of something can […]

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Tattoos and Their Placement

- November 1, 2012
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Many people today have tattoos and they are all over their bodies. You are trying to decide where you want your new tattoo to be and it seems to be a tough decision. Your whole body can be a canvas and finding that perfect spot can make your tattoo be even more special. Tattoos in […]

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